Addittional course material


Wordsmith – software for finding word patterns

Windows software for finding word patterns

software for finding patterns in text. Used world-wide by language students, teachers, researchers and investigators working in such fields as linguistics, literature, law, medicine, history, politics, sociology.


… for finding all instances of a word or phrase.


… helps find salient words in a text or set of texts.


… lists the words in your text(s) in alphabetical and frequency order.

and a number of further Utility tools

Character Profiler

lists characters used in your texts


like WordList but for sequences of characters

Corpus Corruption Detector

to find anomalous texts

File Utilities

various utilities for managing files

File Viewer

shows the innards of your text files

Minimal Pairs

identifies similar words

Text Converter

prepares your corpora for different formats

Viewer and Aligner

shows translated texts


finds and shows concgrams