Introducing Hosteltours: Engagement starts with play!

Short introduction.

As we live in a world worth travelling, we are slowly informing the world of our existence.

Patience! 😉

Hosteltours Europe takes travelling musicians from their point of performance to the next one! The Mobile Event-Unit, takes a vanload of buskers from one point of performance to the next- but not before making sure the buskers´ presence has been marked on their last one.

The travelling busker is moved from location to location, having hostels as their hosts and place of performance. In between the HT volunteers and us, program larger-although intimate location based mobile events.

The Mobile Event-unit, consists of

Mobile event-van: a complete mobile musical paradise, including recording facilities and room for at least 15 passengers at a time
Mobile stage and eventing-set: an extendable mobile stage for on the spot popup-events, including P/A, backingline, lighting, branded visuals, big screen
• Volunteers and fellow-travellers

Hosteltours main functions

HT connects:


• travelling buskers, already performing en-route
• Professional artists and bands, planning European tours
• Artistic start-ups (artists, bands), wanting to tour Europe


• Cities
• Squares
• Public spaces


• Venues- the social way
• Hostels


• Hosteltours-hosts (through our website)
• Couchsurfing hosts



• Website and database
• Mobile event-unit
• Mobile event-van
• Mobile stage and eventing-set
More information to follow soon!

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