Volunteers wanted for internl social music-project

Volunteer-collaborators wanted for international social music-project

Workaway? Volunteering abroad? Travelling artist? Busker? Backpacker? Leapyear? Traveller?

I am seeking people to collaborate with for a new concept, in which we try to establish, record and protect the widely spread networks for backpackers and affiliated local organisations, such as volunteer projects in the arts and humanities and also small hostels in Eastern-Europe, directly under threat from the big tourist industries.

This is especially bad for local culture and travellers from allover Europe and beyond, seeking affordable accommodation- not for the sake of money -but to fulfill their ambitions, their artistic goals, to spread social equality and make the world a better place by travelling as a conscious but seeking individual.

The backpacking-geographies run on very old excisting trails and have similarities with old pilgrimage-routes. This still is relevant today, as the cultural institutions formed along these routes (museums, sights) and forthcoming social institutions, rely on the work of volunteering travellers even today.

Backpacker-trails also form an important network of social and cultural mobility.

I am looking for enthousiastic and skilled volunteers in

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • The Netherlands
  • Chech republic
  • Austria

For the following opportunities

  • Musicians (buskers and otherwise)
  • Sound-technicians
  • Drivers (vans, cars, motorbikes)
  • Event-team leaders
  • Event team-members
  • Local guides

If you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch. The underlying project is a non-profit project.

Volunteering with Hosteltours!

There are a number of volunteeringpositions within Hosteltours. Each position has its own unique set of possibilities. Besides being the wonderful social and enthousiastic you that you are, you must take a keen interest in learning new things, in connecting people to places and help us establish meaningful networks between them.
Are you up for that?
Musical event before departure. We’ll be picking up the selected musicians, buskers, actors and jugglers at a central location. We’ll not leave before we made sure we have made an impact on location. The selected artists have already tried to establish connections with local good causes- or regional ones with a local connection.
Volunteering type
Volunteering at hostels as a Hosteltour-volunteer
Volunteering type
Volunteering type
Volunteering type
Being an academic volunteer: Participate in our funded educational programs
Volunteering type
Tech and production-volunteer
Volunteering type
Be part of our production team on-site

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Kindest regards, Renk van Oyen +31624805848

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