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Free download: All the links and tools!

Hundreds of links to high-quality tools and resources

We’ve collected quite some links over the years, to websites and affiliates who produce and create the most useful and innovative tools and methods, known to us. We already share them through our weblinks pages. You can see them categorised here.

Because of the cheerful summerness that is both you and us, we put them all together into a neat PDF, for you to download completely free of charge!

There’s even more! Why not look at a curated list of resources, used in our courses and knowledge materials!

Test your hostelmanagement skills and apply to testdrive a course for free!

Hostelmanager or aspiring to be? Hotelmanager, front-of-house? Leisure professional?

Test your knowledge and skills below. After the quiz you can apply to be a testdriver for one of the courses, completely free of charge!

  • Full course worth between 400 and 900 eur.
  • Including service and live-chat
  • Assignments with personal coaching

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After the quiz you can apply to be a testdriver for one of the courses, completely free of charge! Including all paid services and coaching.

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A stay in a hostel is a social experience and does not require the outlines of a service.



It’s never nice to think in terms of threats. But if you had you, which of the following aspects might possibly constiture a threat to hostels in Europe?



In the courses Touringguide training and Practical touringguide training, I provide methods and tools to analyse locations and behaviour with. Which tools and methods would you use?



In Spatial tour-design: http://blog.la-clappeye.nl/conceptinglesson/spatial-tour-design/

In video and media analysis tools: http://blog.la-clappeye.nl/conceptinglesson/video-and-media-analysis-tools/

In customer journeys, personae and scenariobuilding techniques: http://blog.la-clappeye.nl/conceptinglesson/customer-journeys-personae-and-scenariobuilding-techniques/



Basically there are 3 levels of tourism products:

Which ones?




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