For hostels

For Hostels

Using our project-integration, hostels will discover a whole new lease of life! Many hostel owners are afraid of trying out new things, in fear of either losing their guests or creating so much new work, they can’t cope with it. In either case, money is also an object.

In your lobby, I bet there’s a big rack full of brochures and leaflets with organisations delivering all sorts of activities and tours. That is great deal of the tourist landscape. A landscape you, as a hostel, are no longer a part of, the moment you point at the rack when a guest asks for activities in the area.

Creating new opportunities by exploiting your local position and revitalising existing relations

Contrary to many producers of “localness” you, as a hostel, actually are local. With our project-integration,we will provide you with a living and agile knowledge-system, revolving, learning, teaching, producing and connecting.

You will be able to let your volunteers and workawayers take part in the collaborative process, where local knowledge is combined with actual professional knowhow, sharing, fun and co-producing events. It will strengthen your position, your income and popularity.

Although very specific aswell as general research is used and employed, the actual location based activities such as location-production, guide-training and tour-training and especially the inter-local strategies of selecting and producing networkpartners- and activities, are very specific and custom tailored to your company and locations.

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