For International Tourguide companies

International Tourguide companies

Creating a tangible “project-body” for your organisation

Adopting the role of local organisation and collaboration-partner greatly broadens your perspectives. In service– and tour-design I look upon the local presence of Original Europe Tours, as beeing a project based-organisation.

Although very specific aswell as general research is used and employed, the actual location based activities such as location-production, guide-training and tour-training and especially the inter-local strategies of selecting and producing networkpartners- and activities, are very specific and custom tailored to your company and locations.

With project-integration you literally get all the good stuff:

  1. Knowledge,
  2. Local presence;
  3. A poject-based organisation, without losing any of your brand image;
  4. International connections that actually mean something,
  5. Training manuals and practical production processes;
  6. Full-on Tourguide training and practical tourguiding;
  7. Tour production techniques;
  8. A huge knowledgebase and local contacts that last longer than your average barterdeal for a free beer in a pubcrawl!

Internships and immersive learning-environments,

We can create personalised short or long-term internships with local museums, theatres, concerthalls et cetera.

Experiential learning and knowledgebuilding

What better way to learn about the cities than to move around in it? Engage with subcultures, listen to the multiple narratives and poetics the city has to offer. Let guides learn from eachother, fromexperience, co-production and co-creation, and let them pass the knowledge on to eachother.

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